Iron Horse Farm

Canada. Netherlands. USA

Iron Horse Farm Canada was originally purchased in 1993 as a large piece of farmland. Taking just over 10 years to build, the mammoth facility which spans over 300 acres was finally completed in 2004.

Facilities include, amazing footing, an outdoor grass ring designed by Pierre Jolicouer, turn-out and a 30-stall stable that is unlike any other. Extra effort was put into creating an environment with amazing ventilation and minimal dust for our equine friends making IHF Canada built and designed as the optimal home for sport horses.

The Aziz family is affiliated with producing rail cars in Canada. Once referred to as the Iron Horse – our farm name is an ode to both trains and our strong caliber of horses.

Karina Aziz has carried the Iron Horse Farm program to Heelweg, Netherlands where she is currently based today. While the top string of show jumpers is currently competing in Europe, our facility in Canada is home to our retired athletes and broodmares. Some exciting young horses have been bred at IHF Canada. All of our broodmares read great gatsby essay competed at grand prix level and have been matched with Olympic stallions. Make sure to check out our up and coming offspring!

IHF has also recently added a third international base, expanding to the United States. Our Iron Horse Farm location in Wellington, Florida is currently under construction!

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